Vic's Bingo

There are loads of online Bingo jackpot games available for you to take part in online, and all of the Bingo sites we feature on our website have loads of them available day in day out.

To give you a better understanding of Bingo jackpot games and there many different types we have listed them all for you in our Bingo jackpot guide below.

75 Ball Bingo games offer players Bingo jackpot games and to win this Jackpot you need to get all 25 of your Bingo numbers printed onto your Bingo ticket crossed off before any of your fellow players do.

80 Ball Bingo jackpot games are fast and furious and the reason for this is that you only need to cross of the maximum 16 numbers of your Bingo card before any one else does to win the Bingo jackpot.

If you opt to play 90 Ball Bingo then to win the Bingo jackpot that is attached to this game you have to get all 15 numbers marked off any one of your Bingo ticket before any other player does.

You can also win a progressive type ever rising Bingo jackpot, and to win this type of Jackpot Bingo game you have to mark off all of your numbers on your ticket in less than the maximum number of numbers called or less, this number of called numbers is displayed in the Bingo site.

So if the Bingo site advertises a jackpot that can be won in a maximum number 0f 45 calls then as long as you get a full house in 45 numbers called or less then this jackpot will be yours.

Bingo Chat Games also offer players several Bingo jackpot games, plus you will also win additional Bingo Bonuses and Bingo comp points for winning this type of Bingo jackpot game.