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Playing Bingo online allows you to play a whole host of different Bingo games that you may have never tried before, and these online bingo games are all available at the click of a mouse.

In this part of the website we shall take a look at all of the different Bingo games that can be found at all of our featured online Bingo sites, so pay attention as you may find a Bingo game you have never come across or played before!

The first Bingo game we will talk about is the game of 75 Ball Bingo, this is the most popular Bingo game played in the USA and as the name suggests it used 75 Bingo balls.

The Bingo cards that are used in this Bingo game are in a grid format and you will have five columns of five numbers on each ticket the middle ticket is always or more often than not a free number so you can cross this off for free before you start to play.

In 75 Ball Bingo there are loads and loads of Bingo patterns that you will be playing Bingo for but the most common ones are any line across upwards or corner to corner or indeed the four corner numbers.

90 Ball Bingo is another very popular Bingo game and this game as you may already have sussed out uses 90 Bingo numbers in play. When you buy a 90 Ball Bingo ticket you will notice there are five numbers in three rows on it

In the Bingo game of 90 Ball Bingo there are only three possible playing patterns these are 1, any single line across, 2. any two lines across and 3. a full house (this is when you manage to cross off all 15 numbers on your 90 Ball Bingo ticket before all other players).

There is also a brand new Bingo game and this is 80 Ball Bingo, which uses 80 Bingo balls, the Bingo cards have 16 numbers on them presented in a 4 x 4 grid format. This type of Bingo game is fast a furious and not for the faint hearted!

Have a good look around our website as all of the Bingo sites featured carry the above Bingo games, and by shopping around you will be able to bag yourself plenty of Bingo bonuses that will give you lots and lots of extra ammunition to play these Bingo games with!