If you are relatively new to the exciting world of online Bingo then you may not be aware what exactly Bingo chat games are and how they work, if this is the case we shall now enlighten you on all there is to know about playing Bingo chat games online.

Bingo chat games are basically a social way of playing Bingo and as the name suggests this particular type of Bingo utilizes the Bingo chat room as a way of enhancing your online Bingo sessions.

The idea behind Bingo chat games is that you play, along side the normal game of Bingo and additional side game and then get paid out not only if you win the base game of Bingo, but also a range of additional bonuses when you with the side game.

The Bingo chat games found online all utilize the 75 Bingo Ball variety of Bingo, this is due to this type of Bingo game having thousands of different playing patterns and ways of winning a game.

To take part in a Bingo chat game you simply need to log into the Bingo room which is holding the Chat Game and launch the Bingo chat software, then once launched you will see a Bingo Host often called a Chat Master or C.M.

This Bingo Host or C.M. is the person who will alert you to what playing pattern of Bingo chat game you will be playing for next and then if you manage to win the Bingo game you simply need to claim by staking your claim in the chat room.

The Bingo chat room software also allows you to chat too and fully interact with all of your fellow players, and this is one great way to meet brand new online Bingo friends and buddies and you will soon find yourself chatting away like long lost friends.

As mentioned if you win any of these Bingo chat games then as well as the base game pay outs you can also bag your self all manner of different prizes and bonuses, and the Bingo Host will let you know what these are and ensure you get them instantly if you are a winner.

Have a good look around our Bingo website as all of the online Bingo sites listed will let you play in all manner of different Bingo chat games, so what are you waiting for give one or more of them a try and good luck and happy dabbing!